Rebirth God of War

Hottoite Kudasai – Juuma to Cheat Life Tanoshii Mitai!

Update: CH. 2
  • Genres: Fantasy Shoujo Isekai
  • Arthor:
  • Artist:
  • Description: Leave Me Alone I Want to Enjoy Cheat Life with My Familiar manga, Please leave me alone I want to enjoy cheat life with my subordinates! , / Mizuki, an office lady, wakes up in an unfamiliar forest, in the form of a little girl somehow. She seems to have been reincarnated in a different world, and Mizuki is at a loss, but for some reason, she gets more and more strong allies -or rather, more followers- such as the legendary monster Fenrir, a talented A-rank adventurer, and the others. "I just want to live a leisurely life, but why am I surrounded by overprotective adults!?"